Centrum hearing opening times in York

In the York of 3 Branches, 3 companies. The biggest: Cochlear (1 branch), Hidden Hearing (1 branch) and Amplifon (1 branch).

Let me finish: how to stop interrupting… and change the world [24 10 2020 05:00:29]

We are all guilty of interrupting – but if we all just stopped and listened, argues Nancy Kline, we could radically change the way we live…I won’t interrupt you. I promise. I won’t interrupt your words – or your thoughts.Imagine it. Imagine the relief, the possibilities, the dignity. You now have ground that is yours. Unassailably. This is for you. Time to think. To feel. To figure out what you really want to say. To say it, to consider it. To change it. To finish your sentences, to choose your own words. To become – because you can trust the promise – a bit bold, even eloquent. To become you. Continue reading... Continue reading...

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